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  • Life, that’s what they call it…

    Life, that’s what they call it…

    This Thing Called… Life Life? So, you wake up, fall out bed, trip over your pile of dirty laundry. Survive the trip down to the kitchen where you can eat your bowl of Life cereal, play the game of Life, and watch the movie “Life”. The game of Life has you getting married, having children, […]

  • Borderline Angst

    Borderline Angst

    Life Fact People hate two things… CHANGE and THE WAY THINGS ARE. Change is an inevitable fact of life. Life itself has so much to bless you with, so let us spice it up with a touch of change. Once you are all settled and used to everything, something has to change. Changes got real […]

  • I Hear the Secrets That You Keep…

    There are people who tell themselves, and others, that they don’t keep secrets. Some of this may be true, while others have a dirty little Personality Disorders that make them think they’re being honest. Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) creates these differences in how you feel and react to things that happen in your life. I […]

  • Self Harm

    Self Harm

    There is a darkness that becomes an old friend to those who suffer from depression. The darkness takes many shapes and forms. A devout Southern Baptist Christian may tell you, “It’s the Devil,” or “It’s a demon on your back.” The darkness is different things to different people. What matters is how you deal with […]

  • “It cuts like a knife…”

    “It cuts like a knife…”

    It’s hard to deal with rejection, when it comes from someone you love.

  • “What have I become?”

    “What have I become?”

    When you go through the end of a major relationship, be it a love relationship or friendship, there are is a road to recovery you have to travel. It’s not an easy road. It’s painful and you will come to a point at which you have to look at yourself in the mirror. This mirror […]

  • “I came to get hurt…”

    “I came to get hurt…”

    Sometimes Life happens and you find yourself looking to get hurt. It’s a difficult downward spiral to overcome.

  • Weathering Depression

    Weathering Depression

    Depression is not easy for the person going through it, but it’s even harder when people don’t understand or want to understand.

  • Loss and Pain

    Loss and Pain

    I have not made a post in a while.  I have had a few things in my life. Loss of a Loved One On June 30th, I had to make the difficult decision to put my dog down.  My dog had a heart murmur, a collapsed trachea and heart failure.  He and I fought through […]

  • Creature Comfort

    Creature comfort, make it painless… When you reach that moment where the pain is so much you feel like you cannot hold on.