Author: WildRoamingMcShovel

  • I just don’t know

    Anxiety the evil little demon on my back that I just cannot shake off. My mental and health issued make me feelike I am an unfit person. I feel like I don’t deserve to be in any relationship and that I am a burden to all those around me. It makes me want to become […]

  • Is it ever enough?

    Sometimes I wonder if everything I say or do will ever be enough. I remember a song that sang about love “being enough to make it from me to you”. I can’t place the song, but I think it has effected my thoughts and feelings on a lot of things. When is anything ever enough? […]

  • Self-Image

    I do not have a very good self-image of myself. I think that I am fat, I think that my nose is too big, my skin is plagued with acne, my calves and thighs are huge, and that my feet are hideous. There are times that I think that everyone I know or love would […]

  • Breaking the Silence

    I was diagnosed with Lupus on April 15th. I began a new medication to help with some of the symptoms and told to cut Gluten and Sugar from my diet. For years, I have suffered from pain and swelling in my legs. My feet, my ankles, my knees… I was told that I had a […]

  • “Army green was no safe bet”

    “Army green was no safe bet”

    Cultural differences are found between every generation. Every child has different things that they grow up idolizing. But for many children of the 80’s there was a certain mystic and awe that went with the Vietnam War. The 80’s brought to life shows about heroes and survivors of the Vietnam War. Magnum, P.I. brought to […]

  • It’s All About the Music

    It’s All About the Music

    Music offers a look into coping in life.

  • Feeling Lost

    Feeling Lost

    Lately, I have been floating and feeling lost. I have had a few life changes in the last year and right now I am living with what feels like unending pain. I feel like I have lost myself some where in the shuffle. Do I love myself? This feeling has made me question my love […]

  • Pain, He’s a Friend of Mine

    Pain, He’s a Friend of Mine

    I am a redhead (a.k.a ginger). Scientists like to do studies and they did some on Ginger’s. Studies show that we have a higher tolerance to PAIN, anesthesia and other drugs. Whoop-te-doo! I’m tolerant. That doesn’t mean I have to like it! Pain has been a constant variable in my life for a very long […]

  • “I came to get hurt…”

    “I came to get hurt…”

    Sometimes Life happens and you find yourself looking to get hurt. It’s a difficult downward spiral to overcome.

  • Head Collection

    Head Collection

    Getting Past Trauma I started taking Saddleseat lessons in 2012. Before that, I was self-taught, pointers from friends and had taken a few lessons from someone with my horse. The lessons had NOT been helpful to me, because the trainer had put fear into me. Fear is one of those things that you hear about […]