Sleep is a cruel mistress

Introverted, depressed, or anxious?

Good luck sleeping.

Good luck shutting off the mind that wants to bring up every little thing you have ever said. That demon on your back is pouring poison into your ear to feed it and egg it. It whispers about that time and that thing you said.

You anxiously watch the time slip away as you begin to panic that you’re not going to be able to sleep. You lay there staring at the ceiling looking for some sort of sound to focus on so you can clear your mind.

Good luck fighting off that anxiety attack at 1 am when you realize you only have 4 hours left to sleep.

Good luck waking up when you alarm goes off after you’ve been asleep for two hours.

Insomnia? No. Just a very busy mind that curses introverts everywhere.

My anxiety is high. High anxiety is dangerous for me, because it’s when my demon does his best work. He promises that if I cut my arm it will make me feel better. Empty promises.

Oh sleep, you are a cruel mistress… I am tired, I am willing. Please bless me with some sleep.

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