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  • Don’t Put The Blame on Me

    Don’t Put The Blame on Me

    We are only human and shouldn’t put the blame on anyone.

  • Borderline Angst

    Borderline Angst

    Life Fact People hate two things… CHANGE and THE WAY THINGS ARE. Change is an inevitable fact of life. Life itself has so much to bless you with, so let us spice it up with a touch of change. Once you are all settled and used to everything, something has to change. Changes got real…

  • Self Harm

    Self Harm

    There is a darkness that becomes an old friend to those who suffer from depression. The darkness takes many shapes and forms. A devout Southern Baptist Christian may tell you, “It’s the Devil,” or “It’s a demon on your back.” The darkness is different things to different people. What matters is how you deal with…

  • “It cuts like a knife…”

    “It cuts like a knife…”

    It’s hard to deal with rejection, when it comes from someone you love.

  • BPD Roller Coaster

    BPD Roller Coaster

    The ups and downs of living with a personality disorder can be mind boggling. There’s no wonder that the Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) gets confused with Bipolar Disorder when a person exhibits the “hot and cold” or “roller coaster” emotions. Behind the ups and the downs is a person who just wants to be in…

  • Living the Illusion

    Living the Illusion

    There are ups and downs with Border Line Personality Disorder (BPD). Sometimes you’re cruising along, and everything seems to be in place, and you’re in control. Then something happens, which makes you realize that it was all an illusion. I fell off my horse in February and found myself coping with my anxiety and compulsive…

  • Emotionally Confused

    I recently binge watched a new Netflix series called, “Spinning Out”. Aptly named for the main character, Kat Baker, who suffers from bipolar disorder with her mother. The family is dysfunctional when either the other more or the main character go of of her Lithium. The family is a mother and two daughters. All figure…

  • Out of the Darkness

    Out of the Darkness

    I participated in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s “Out of the Darkness” walk in my community. I was nervous about going, but found myself overwhelmed by all of the support…

  • The Weight

    The Weight

    The Burden Shakespeare put it best when he said “…uneasy lies the head that wears a crown…” There is a heavy burden that goes along with being in charge or being in command. But the burden that ways a person down is life. Many songwriters, poets and philosophers have written about weight. The weight of…

  • Boundaries… Day 3

    Boundaries… Day 3

    It would seem that my daily boundary pondering has turned into a weekly thing. I started off strong, reading the book, making notes and thinking about what I would share. Today, I look back at that and wonder where I lost steam. I had a busy weekend. I have had a busy week where I…