Category: Coping with anxiety

  • Don’t Put The Blame on Me

    Don’t Put The Blame on Me

    We are only human and shouldn’t put the blame on anyone.

  • Living the Illusion

    Living the Illusion

    There are ups and downs with Border Line Personality Disorder (BPD). Sometimes you’re cruising along, and everything seems to be in place, and you’re in control. Then something happens, which makes you realize that it was all an illusion. I fell off my horse in February and found myself coping with my anxiety and compulsive…

  • Head Collection

    Head Collection

    Getting Past Trauma I started taking Saddleseat lessons in 2012. Before that, I was self-taught, pointers from friends and had taken a few lessons from someone with my horse. The lessons had NOT been helpful to me, because the trainer had put fear into me. Fear is one of those things that you hear about…

  • All THESE Words

    All THESE Words

    All these words, words, words, You mean none of it.You tell me things that you think I want to hear,But all I hear is your words, words, words.I am falling deeper into my pit of darkness. The fire beast and demons are dragging me down,I fall ever deeper into despair. But all I hear is…

  • I Need My Pain

    I Need My Pain

    We need to be unashamed of our pain.

  • My Sanctuary

    My Sanctuary

    Sometimes I just need to re-charge.

  • Music Transportation

    Music Transportation

    Crank it? Or Spank it? As a child of the original MTV age, I remember when there were music videos and a VJ (Video Jockey) coined “Crank it” over a newly released video.  All of the viewers instantly feel in with the newly coined term, which lead to an interactive TV show on MTV where…

  • The Power of Water

    The Power of Water

    Come to the ocean and let it wash over you.

  • It Hurts Parents to See Their Children Unhappy

    It Hurts Parents to See Their Children Unhappy

    I am not a parent, but I am a child.  I am not a parenting expert or an expert child, but I do have some experience with this thing called “Life”. Hardened Hearts Most teenagers feel like their parents are “out to get them” or are keeping them fro m being able to do things. …

  • The Elephant in the Room

    The Elephant in the Room

    The American Elephant Most Americans live a “bubbled” existence.  They go on with their day-to-day lives completely ignorant of the things around them, or not caring.  Some of these people are the ones who complain about stop signs, or perhaps even the word “BUMP” being painted on the road to notify drivers there’s a speed…