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  • Head Collection

    Head Collection

    Getting Past Trauma I started taking Saddleseat lessons in 2012. Before that, I was self-taught, pointers from friends and had taken a few lessons from someone with my horse. The lessons had NOT been helpful to me, because the trainer had put fear into me. Fear is one of those things that you hear about…

  • All THESE Words

    All THESE Words

    All these words, words, words, You mean none of it.You tell me things that you think I want to hear,But all I hear is your words, words, words.I am falling deeper into my pit of darkness. The fire beast and demons are dragging me down,I fall ever deeper into despair. But all I hear is…

  • I Need My Pain

    I Need My Pain

    We need to be unashamed of our pain.

  • I Need Some Inspiration

    I Need Some Inspiration

    Using creative writing to conquer the beasts within.

  • Publishing???


    You should write a book – everyone Let’s Be Honest I have always enjoyed writing, but the hardest part about writing is allowing people to read my creations. I pour my heart and soul into what I write and I am afraid that once I revealing that part of myself. For me, publishing on WordPress…