I Need Some Inspiration

Writing Inspiration

I think that everyone has a creative outlet. I, also, think that in order to enduce and push this creativity everyone needs a Muse. Artists in the past had female Muses and mythology tells of different Muses from the supernaturarl world.

I have been working on a story that I found inspiration from in various venues. It’s a fictional story and I have found inspiration in books I’ve read, TV shows, documentaries, and most importantly music. I have even gone so far as to include the songs that inspire me in my writing, which may make publishing a nightmare. But I think it’s imporatnt to include the music and any information I get in my writing.

I have shared informatin about Introversion that I have found helpful to me from a book I read and from sources that I have found on the internet. I have shared countless songs and explained what I think they mean here. For me, depression and anxiety are a daily struggle and I know that I am not alone and I feel like I have a calling to share what I got through with others.

Today, I have decided that I need to make an alteration to my story and write it from the first person. Which may cause a massive problem, because I am following two characters. But I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Two of my favorite authors, Jim Butcher and Craig Johnson, write books from the first person and I absolutely love the way they write. I have learned from reading the collections of their short stories that they write short stories to help with the creative process of creating their worlds and characters. So, I have endevoured to do this by working on my back story for my characters and world that I am creating.

I am currently struggling with working on mythology. Jim Butcher deals wtih this when he writes the Dresden Files, because he writes about a character in Modern Day Chicago. He has done an excellent job of including folklore and myths into his stories. Including, but not limited to, Queen Mab of Fairy.

When I started writing my fictional story, my inspiration was my friend and his eyes. I believe that people’s eyes tell stories, some eyes are more expressive than others. His eyes tell me the story of a lost Viking Warrior that cannot seem to find its way though modern day life. Unlucky in love and unlucky in finding his purpose.

What My Purpose?

Not long ago, I found myself wondering what my purpose in life was. There are many books out there about finding your purpose and you can read as many of those as you want. I believe that mediation, prayer, and being open to the universe will help you find that way.

It took me a while to find my purpose that lead me here to writing this blog. I have always been a “secret” writer not sharing what I write with people. I have always been one to keep my thoughts and feelings about dealing with depression a secret. In fact, I still keep a lot of my feelings a secret from those around me.

“Anxiety Sheild at Full, Captain” – My Brain

Why do I hide my feelings? I blame my anxiety beast.

My Anxiety Beast A.K.A. “Fire Beast”

Oh beast you torture me and fuel the fire that burns within. You make my life difficult and you hide me away. You steal my courage and make me feel small and insignificant.

So, I have been trying to face my beast of fire and get moving along with my writing and I found inspiration from Mythology.

“Lady of the Lake” – Excalibur 1981

I found my inspiration watching a mini-series that was made for TV back in 1998 called Merlin staring Sam Neill. Watching it reminded me of my curiosity with the legend surrounding the Lady of the Lake, but I had forgotten that Queen Mab was in the story line. Queen Mab is a very voiltile and important character in the Dresden Files. The series presented the Lady of the Lake as Mab’s sister.

I remembered another mini series starting Anjelica Houston that came out around the same time called the Mists of Avalon. Both stories are based on Aurthurian legend. Both have the Lady of the Lake.

So, I started researching the Lady of the Lake and found that she transends Arthurian Legend. She is apart of many different cultures and civilizations across Europe.

A Muse in Rome and a goddess handing out swords in Greece? Maybe this Lady in the Lake thing isn’t so bad…

Magical Swords???

So, the Lady of the Lake is more than what meets the eye and that gives me liscense to grow her. Which, also, gives me liscense to grow create my own mythology for Avalon as well.

Slay the Beast

The anxiety beast is still creeping around and looking over my shoulder, but in my mind I have created a female Viking Warrior Mage that has access to Excalibur.

Viking Warrior

She can use magic and a sword. I think he should be starting getting scared. Especially, if she turns out like a World of Warcraft Frost Mage… she’s going to put out his fire.

The key to my characters to make myself into them in my mind. I have to weild the sword. I have to slay the beasts. I have to stand and be brave before an army like Merlin and Aruthur.

Now… to make it all happen.

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