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  • Life, that’s what they call it…

    Life, that’s what they call it…

    This Thing Called… Life Life? So, you wake up, fall out bed, trip over your pile of dirty laundry. Survive the trip down to the kitchen where you can eat your bowl of Life cereal, play the game of Life, and watch the movie “Life”. The game of Life has you getting married, having children, […]

  • It’s All About the Music

    It’s All About the Music

    Music offers a look into coping in life.

  • Music Transportation

    Music Transportation

    Crank it? Or Spank it? As a child of the original MTV age, I remember when there were music videos and a VJ (Video Jockey) coined “Crank it” over a newly released video.  All of the viewers instantly feel in with the newly coined term, which lead to an interactive TV show on MTV where […]

  • The Power of Water

    The Power of Water

    Come to the ocean and let it wash over you.