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  • “What have I become?”

    “What have I become?”

    When you go through the end of a major relationship, be it a love relationship or friendship, there are is a road to recovery you have to travel. It’s not an easy road. It’s painful and you will come to a point at which you have to look at yourself in the mirror. This mirror […]

  • “Army green was no safe bet”

    “Army green was no safe bet”

    Cultural differences are found between every generation. Every child has different things that they grow up idolizing. But for many children of the 80’s there was a certain mystic and awe that went with the Vietnam War. The 80’s brought to life shows about heroes and survivors of the Vietnam War. Magnum, P.I. brought to […]

  • It’s All About the Music

    It’s All About the Music

    Music offers a look into coping in life.