Historical Fiction

The TV Britannia show was created to go up against the HBO show Game of Thrones.  If you read what viewers on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) have posted, you will think that the show is something horrible or terrible.  The reason why, they are stuck on historical facts.

Historical Fiction is a cross between historical facts and fiction.  One must remember that fiction means that it can be whatever the author desires it to be.

This show is the brain child of Jez Butterworth.  He decided to work with a real place and real names of people from the past.  He chose to look at a time when Britannia was invaded for the second time by Romans.

History is told by the conquerors not the conquered

The Romans were kind enough to keep historical records of their exploits and the people that the conquered.  One small problem, they had a terrible habit of calling people that they conquered “Celts”.

This has left a dilemma for historians all across Europe.  Gauls were called Celts.  Pict’s were called Celts.  So, the question is who really were the Celts?  Or did any particular group of people actually call themselves “Celts”?

So, if you want to talk about “inaccuracies”, then let’s remember the source.

Sited inaccuracies include Runes being used by the Druids and someone being alive with the Romans, who would have been dead at the time.  Ok, they might be right about the person being dead, but.. it’s FICTION.

Fiction is creativity

The writer chose to add what he did to the story he wove for a reason.  The Runes are with the Celt people, however they are only used by the Druids.  Throughout mythology it has been believed that Druids have special powers and knowledge above others.  So, why wouldn’t they be able to read and write a language unknown to others. Remember, knowledge is power.

The Druids hold power over the “Celts” and based on the story line, are responsible for sending Julius Caesar packing.  The story line, also, unfolds to show that there is a power far higher than anyone expected to be at work… Demons.

Jez Butterworth creates a wonderful world that reflects what is known about the Celtic people of Britannia.  He gives strong women rolls of power, which would not have been uncommon in Celtic history or legends.  He empowers the Druid and giving a strong sense of mysticism and he makes you question the true motivations of the Romans conquering lands. Which is the beauty of Historical Fiction.

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