Give me something to believe in…

Sometimes, you just need something or someone to believe in. There will always be that point in your life when someone causes you to faulter in what you believe.

Depression and anxiety can suck your ability to believe out of you.

You accept the status quo and let go of any hope you had.

A child learns from his/her friend that there is no Santa Claus from a friend. That child’s belief system to that point in his/her life has been rocked. Altered for ever more.

So, I ask these people that are out there squashing people’s beliefs, why is it not ok for them to believe in what they believe?

In my opinion, atheists have what they believe in and what they believe to be the truth. Some leave Christians, Muslims and Jews alone. They take their belief of non-belief and use it against what other people believe to make them feel less about themselves.

The Poison song is old, but it still poses a good point. We as a human race have the need to believe in things. Every person makes that choice as to what they believe.

Basically, everyone believes in something. It is this free will that lets people believe in different things.

But I do not think it is fair to tell someone how their faith or belief is less than yours. That is pushing your opinion on others.

Yes, magic isn’t real, but wouldn’t it be sweet if it was? Yes, the force doesn’t exist, but wouldn’t it be sweet if it was?

Just because something isn’t real, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a story or movie about it.

I believe that the truest power that every human posses and should use regularly is the imagination.

It’s called make-believe and it can take you places.

You could meet Merlin in the Crystal Cave or ride into battle with Arthur. All it takes is an open mind, an open heart and the ability to imagine the impossible.

Believe in the unbelievable and there are no barriers to hold you back.

Yes, Virginia there is a Sants Claus.

Never let go of the innocence that your imagination brings. Always imagine and always believe in yourself.


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