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  • Life, that’s what they call it…

    Life, that’s what they call it…

    This Thing Called… Life Life? So, you wake up, fall out bed, trip over your pile of dirty laundry. Survive the trip down to the kitchen where you can eat your bowl of Life cereal, play the game of Life, and watch the movie “Life”. The game of Life has you getting married, having children, […]

  • “It cuts like a knife…”

    “It cuts like a knife…”

    It’s hard to deal with rejection, when it comes from someone you love.

  • Living the Illusion

    Living the Illusion

    There are ups and downs with Border Line Personality Disorder (BPD). Sometimes you’re cruising along, and everything seems to be in place, and you’re in control. Then something happens, which makes you realize that it was all an illusion. I fell off my horse in February and found myself coping with my anxiety and compulsive […]

  • The Weight

    The Weight

    The Burden Shakespeare put it best when he said “…uneasy lies the head that wears a crown…” There is a heavy burden that goes along with being in charge or being in command. But the burden that ways a person down is life. Many songwriters, poets and philosophers have written about weight. The weight of […]

  • “What have I become?”

    “What have I become?”

    When you go through the end of a major relationship, be it a love relationship or friendship, there are is a road to recovery you have to travel. It’s not an easy road. It’s painful and you will come to a point at which you have to look at yourself in the mirror. This mirror […]

  • “Army green was no safe bet”

    “Army green was no safe bet”

    Cultural differences are found between every generation. Every child has different things that they grow up idolizing. But for many children of the 80’s there was a certain mystic and awe that went with the Vietnam War. The 80’s brought to life shows about heroes and survivors of the Vietnam War. Magnum, P.I. brought to […]

  • Pain, He’s a Friend of Mine

    Pain, He’s a Friend of Mine

    I am a redhead (a.k.a ginger). Scientists like to do studies and they did some on Ginger’s. Studies show that we have a higher tolerance to PAIN, anesthesia and other drugs. Whoop-te-doo! I’m tolerant. That doesn’t mean I have to like it! Pain has been a constant variable in my life for a very long […]

  • Head Collection

    Head Collection

    Getting Past Trauma I started taking Saddleseat lessons in 2012. Before that, I was self-taught, pointers from friends and had taken a few lessons from someone with my horse. The lessons had NOT been helpful to me, because the trainer had put fear into me. Fear is one of those things that you hear about […]

  • I Need My Pain

    I Need My Pain

    We need to be unashamed of our pain.